Based on extensive research of villages located in the suburbs of Trivandrum, AAII launched a Community Development Project in 2006 in Aryanad. Community Development Projects, driven by active participation of people, have been extremely significant in enhancing the living conditions and bringing about qualitative improvements in the community as a whole. This is the first comprehensive community development initiative by Ability Aids India International. The project has over the years supported many disadvantaged and marginalized community members, promoted sustainable livelihood practices as well as empowered women and children through various socio-economic and education based initiatives and is now self-sustaining.


Community Resource Centre

The Ability Aids Community Resource Centre located in Irinchal, Aryanad acts as a hub where control and coordination of the Academic Support Program (ASP),   Senior Citizens Welfare Program (SCWP), Mahila Shakti Program (MSP) and the Community Outreach Program (COP) are carried out under the aegis of the AIDP project.

  • ASP - Academic Support Program

As part of addressing the educational needs of underprivileged children, Ability Aids carries out a wide range of education based programs.

Every weekend the Community Resource Centre carries out WHO-prescribed life skill classes and coaching in communicative English. Regular workshops, awareness programs as well as counselling and guidance sessions are conducted at the Centre. 

In the beginning of every academic year all the beneficiaries are provided with essential items like school bags, books and stationary which provides immense relief to financially distressed families.

Ability Aids endeavour is to bring out-of-school children to schools and all these services go a long way towards achieving this goal.

  • SCWP - Senior Citizens Welfare Program

Ability Aids has always believed in protecting and providing care and support to senior citizens, one of the most neglected and vulnerable sections of society. Over the years, a large number of senior citizens have been provided with economic security, health care and rehabilitation services enabling them to have increased self-worth and lead a life of dignity.

The centre provides the beneficiaries with health care services, engages them in productive and recreational activities and provides opportunities for regular social interactions.  Beneficiaries are provided with nutritious food and also trained in independent living skills, given occupational therapy as well as regular health checkups with follow up treatment.  The uniqueness of this centre is the intergenerational interaction actively promoted between the senior citizens and the children under AAII’s Academic Support Program (ASP).

  • WEP - Women Empowerment Program

The Women EmpowermentProgram aims at empowering the women community members of Aryanad through various initiatives with the aim of achieving social and economic advancement.


Some of the initiatives carried out under this program are:

 Promotion of Self Help Groups

Ability Aids has facilitated the formation of more than 22 Self Help Groups (SHG’s) in Aryanad community all of which are functioning independently.  While the goal of setting up SHGs was to encourage every member to take control of their finances, Ability Aids has been able to help these women achieve larger goals like promoting leadership, helping them make informed choices and participating in Focussed Group Discussions.

Women entrepreneurship activities

A wide variety of women entrepreneurship activities are promoted under the AIDP project through SHG’s. Some of these include tailoring unit, goat rearing unit, poultry unit, textile unit, candle making units etc. Organic farming and horticulture are also actively promoted.

All beneficiaries are provided with capacity building training programs to carry out their chosen activities. Ability Aids extends technical and logistical support to all beneficiaries and carries out regular monitoring of all these activities.