AAII sponsors hundreds of children all of whom were living in grinding poverty in dismal living conditions. Many of these children, instead of being in school, would have been augmenting the family income or, in some cases, even be the primary bread winners. More than a thousand children have already been supported by our sponsors who are spread across the globe.

Some of the services provided under the Child Support program are:

  • Monthly grant
  • Educational support materials like books, bags, uniform, stationary etc.
  • Periodic academic evaluations with the children's teachers
  • Counselling and guidance
  • Regular medical check-ups with follow-up treatment
  • De-worming and vitamin tablets

Life Enrichment Centre

AAII identifies villages which are extremely backward wherein the families are so poor that it is almost impossible for these children to study and get guidance in their homes. To ameliorate this situation, a secure place is provided for them to do their schoolwork and receive tutorial help from an experienced teacher.

Residential camps

The primary purpose of the residential camps is to foster educational and cultural development. These camps offer children a platform to interact, participate and allow them to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment.  Experiential learning through indoor and outdoor activities inculcates positivity and provides the children with a fertile ground for growth and success.